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Tapal Danedar Tea Pouch 950gm

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Rs 950.00

Pack of 385 gm.This Danedar blend is an excellent combination of lively taste and district flavor of the world's best high grown teas, which produces a strong and refreshing cup of tea. Tapal danedar has the wholesome richness of flavor and taste that has become an essential part of the Danedar experience. So whether it’s your morning pick me ..


Tapal Family Mixture Tea 475gm

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Rs 530.00

family tea mixture 475 gm.premium quality.give your tea perfect color and taste.Tapal Family Mixture, launched in 1947, was the first brand of the Tapal Tea Company. Pioneer in the mixture category, the blend of dust brings out tea color and leaf brings out the taste. Family Mixture is the choice of the homemaker who is looking for good value for m..

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